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Squash habits
Good and bad squash habits

We started using these classifications to score positive and negative points for our developing Juniors. You may like to read them, and consider which apply to you.

The good qualities below will help you win, will give you more stamina, will help you be noticed by coaches, and will help to make your opponent feel that you know what you're doing and have depth.

The bad qualities listed will give your opponent the advantage, will make it harder for you to play the shots you want, will let the opponent think they have the advantage, and will tire you.

Being honest with yourself, monitor your positive and negative scores over the months as you develop your style, your shots and your strategy.

Good Generally good playing habits
Style High racket, stretching for the shot, strong follow through
Stance Good steady base for balance in the shot, and ready to return to the T
High-racket General high racket on both the forehand and the backhand
Tucked-in Racket tucked in at top of backswing, especially on the backhand
Stability Playing shots with feet well planted early
Tempo Controlling and varying the pace and style of the game using lobs and drops
Teeing Always getting back to the T quickly, early and smoothly, with racket ready
Watching Watching and reading the ball and opponent's shot preparation
Gliding Moving smoothly and early to the next shot without haste with racket high
Timing Clean timing of the shot, with smooth racket swing and clean hit
Serving Well placed serves hitting the side wall, with steady and varied strength
Digging Digging a ball out of the back corners well, with boasts or rails
Fhandrail Close rail shots with good stance and forehand swing
Bhandrail Close rail shots with good stance backhand swing
Powering Generally hitting cleanly with power when required from the front or back
Deceit Using delay and feint to camouflage shots and wrong foot opponent
Railing Keeping a rally on the wall till an opportunity presents
Snapping Late hitting with short quick swing when driving from front
Flicking Playing a cross court shot from short swing in the front
Placement Generally placing ball away from the opponent with good length
Slicing Putting backspin on both long and short drop shots to keep the bounce low
Chopping Playing a short kill with a quick chopping action in the front
Dropping Stretching well to make a repeat straight or angled drop shot
Grabbing Making the most of opponent's poor shot and soft or wild return
Lobbing Playing a straight or crosscourt lob from both front corners
Volleying Steady clean take of volleys without snatch, mishit or falling back
Digging Digging shots out of the back corners for rail, drop and boast
Reaction Handling sharp front court shots with strength and fade
Deadreact Playing reaction shots with a dead racket well to the corners
Bad Generally bad playing habits
Quirks Personal oddities of movement and shot making
Pirating Taking the shot with one leg raised, pivotting on one leg
Over-run Running on through the shot, with no timing or stretching
Misshit Missing the sweet spot, or using racket edge often
Cuppa/taxi Standing watching after a shot, with no return to the T
Weedram Playing in a loose or woozy style with laidback focus
Uncocked Using a broken wrist and droopy racket on backhand shots
Rigidwrist A forehand with a rigid wrist, lacking wrist power in the shot
Rigidelbow A forehand with a rigid elbow, lacking triceps power and reach
Tuckedelbow A forehand with the elbow stuck to the body, lacking swing
Chesting A forehand without bringing the shoulders round in the shot
Doming Racket head coming from low, up to the ball and down again
Floppist Playing with the wrist flopping round, with too little shoulder
Shouldown Dropping the trailing shoulder and slicing backhand shots
Flooring Following through too low on forehand or backhand shots
Transparency Telegraphing the coming shot, with no delay or punch
Squandering Losing concentration, losing next serve or rally after good win
Overserving Serving with too strong a swing and shot, and serving out
Middling Continually playing ball back to the opponent on the T
Gifting Playing an easy ball that opponent can pounce on
Stargazing Looking up early after playing shot risking mishits
Cornercramp Not leaving enough space to dig the ball out of the corner
Cramping Generally getting too close to the ball to play a good swing
Delimbing Hitting own body during shots, generally from cramping
Smashing Smashing a high ball that would have bounced off the back wall
Monotony Lack of variation in pace or shots, following opponents pace
Weakboast Not giving boasts enough lift for them to reach the front wall
Glassshot Lazy running and hitting ball off the back wall too often
Gripping Too tight a grip, or tennis fist gripping the racket

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