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IONOS = Welcome to Rich's squash site, where you can find instructions, drills, tips and advice for good play and all sorts of discussions about the best way to play and to improve you performance in this great game. And a special welcome to Hanworth Juniors, who have helped develop the drills and methods you will find here.

Let's take it for granted that we all know that to play good squash you need fitness, speed, stamina and fast reactions. But these qualities are built over time, as you grow, as you mature, and as you exercise. They also happen to be qualities that diminish with time as you enter your senior years.

In the tutorials below, I delve into the aspects of your game that are easier to improve. Into the way you stand, move and think on court. Into your ability to follow a ball as it rebounds off several walls. Into how you can hit the ball cleanly to a good place at a sensible pace. Into your judgement of angle, what shot you should play, and how you can best play it. And this should help you win, or at least lose playing better squash.

Click on one of the links below for more discussion.

Here are some useful links to other squash sites.

If you want to read more about the history of the game, click here.

Sabresports has some good tips with insight into playing and strategy.

Squashskills, a site started by Peter Nicol and associates, is good but now heavily commercialised.

Squashsite, from the Khan dynasty, gives you the most comprehensive list of topic discussions I have found.

Badsquash, where BAD means Bristol and District, has some good advice on strategy and shot style.

These tips, from Derek Thorpe at Radlett, cover many aspects of the game and are well worth a look.

World Federation has an extensive FAQ about the interpretation of the rules of the game.

Serious Squash has very good shot and stance analysis.

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